Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Mgt501 Assignment # 1 Solution

Human Resource Management (Mgt501)

Two companies ABC and XYZ, in FMCG business, are recently cited in “Working Mother Magazine” as the best companies for women to work. Each company provides special packages to its employees that
benefit working mothers. The ABC Company offers all of its employees time off from work for family matters. And the XYZ Company offers its employees Rs.15, 000 in Education/Medical for their children along with salary.
While sharing the views at a press conference the directors of winning companies said, “three decades ago, in our organizations the employees were predominately males but today the work force is not that homogeneous. It comprises of more females than males which made us realized that the way we have treated workers with children in the past and the benefits we offered them, may no longer meet their current needs. Family life is important to our workers and, in many cases, will win out in the decision of career versus family. That’s why we decided to be responsive to the female workforce requirements. We also believe that one way to successfully compete is to meet the worker’s individualized needs.”
1. Analyze the family-friendly benefits offered by both companies. Discuss with solid arguments which company’s benefits are better for the employees.
2. Suppose in both companies 50% employees are unmarried/without children i.e. half of the employees can not avail these benefits. Is there any motivational impact on those employees who do not avail these benefits? Explain briefly.

Solution Q 1:
If time off from work for family matters:
• Reduction in overhead cost
o It cause maximum use of physical resources in the organization: (Since equipments like computers etc. are more expensive and more employees may use same equipment due to flex time
o The more employees can be circulated within specific time period
• Job satisfaction
o Individual motivation is high because of flex-time
o The comfort level of employees is increased which enhance the productivity
• Some employees give more productivity in early hours and some in late hours so the overall productivity can be increased
• Ease in personal life
o The employees can schedule their appointments with doctors, teachers etc. without disturbing the job.
o In case of emergency, employee would not be worried about leave etc.
If compensation of Rs. 15,000
• May avail the facility of day care
• Elderly relative may care of employee’s children
• All employees are available during office timing
• Organizational operations will not suffer
• Job satisfaction
o Employee feels that his organization is caring for his family, too
o Satisfaction level will improve and they work with more intensely
• Ease in personal life
• It is easy to compensate the existing employee than to hire a new one
Note: The second part of question will depend upon student’s reasoning. As both benefits have their own unique characteristics and attraction for the employees so students’ answer may vary.

Solution Q 2:
As motivation is the key success of any organization. The employees who can not avail the benefit right now would think that they can avail these benefits after their marriage.
• Employees work without any tension of future family responsibilities
• The loyalty of these employees increases since the organization will take care of their family too
• Job satisfaction and productivity are increased
• The goals achievement becomes easy
• The employees will prefer to stay in organization and, hence, turnover rate will decrease.


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