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MGT503 Assignment # 2 Solution

Semester “Fall 2011”
“Principles of Management (MGT503)”
Assignment No. 2

“Well-designed Goals”
Global Experts Co. Case:
Global Experts Co. designs and develops innovative game applications based on customer feedback and requirements. After each delivery, the customer’s feedback is taken as a measure of performance of the development team. This feedback, quantified as the level of customer satisfaction, is tied to the development team’s pay for performance system.

Mgt501 Assignment # 1 Solution

Human Resource Management (Mgt501)

Two companies ABC and XYZ, in FMCG business, are recently cited in “Working Mother Magazine” as the best companies for women to work. Each company provides special packages to its employees that

Monday, 26 December 2011

Mgt501 Assignment # 2 Solution

Semester “Fall 2011”
“Human Resource Management(Mgt501)”
Assignment No. 02 Marks: 30
There is unenviable situation often faced by the recruiters. They are on front line to locate
suitable persons to fill vacant vacancies. Their performance is also measured on the basis of
accomplishment of recruiting goals. Over the past several years, there are only few jobs in the
market due to unstable economic situation. A number of organizations have been eliminating
the employees instead of new recruitment. This elimination also hit HRM and especially the
recruiters. Frenzy hiring by the organization, too, creates problem for recruiters. Nowadays, the
recruiters are very active to fill the specialized positions that are necessary for the organization
to meet its strategic goals. It is the responsibility of recruiters to generate a suitable applicants
pool from plentiful workforce. But what if no suitable person is applying? That is exactly what
Ahmed must have asked himself.
Mr. Ahmed is working with Star Engineering as HR director. A responsibility was given to him
for the recruitment of talented engineers. He had to appoint the engineers of the same caliber as
of those working in competitor Japanese firms. He advertised in news-papers extensively but
there was no response from suitable candidates. Simply, his advertisement did not pay off! So
Mr. Ahmed decided to change the likelihood of response in his favor and adopted a different
tactic to capture the attention of potential candidates. He started placing organization recruiting
ads on aluminum cans and distributed them in locality which made Star stand out. He received
more than 200 applications from suitable candidates, for shortly after the ads hit the streets.

1. Why so many responses were generated by advertisement on aluminum cans instead of
typical news papers advertisement? (Marks 15)
2. What lesson can be learned by recruiters? (Marks 15)


1. Why so many responses were generated by advertisement on aluminum cans instead of typical news papers advertisement? 

Mr. Ahmed who is working with Star Engineering as HR director and do recruitment. Now he want to hire suitable person for same caliber. First he advertise in newspaper and suitable candidate he found then he decide to use different strategy to got suitable candidates.

Newspaper advertisement is good and every person apply and we don't get the best because such people also apply which are not capable for that job so, he wasted money and time. So, its necessary to use the best method, which Mr. Ahmad used on 2nd  number. He use the strategy of aluminum cans advertisement and did not pay so far. He delay recruitment and start advertisement on aluminum cans spread all these in  Star Engineering zone. Soon he received 200 suitable candidates applications.

2. What lesson can be learned by recruiters?


The most common use of recruiters is with technical and vocational schools, community colleges, colleges, and universities and unenviable situation often faced by the recruiters.

Recruiters lesson:
Recruiters lesson is that he always use the right tactic and best strategy for hiring and before doing anything must search and plan it properly, then implement. He must use such tactic which

Recruiters responsibility to generate suitable applicants pool from plentiful workforce.


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